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Signed, Personalized Bookplate

K. Tempest Bradford

EDIT: Due to being out of the country longer than anticipated, bookplates ordered after 12/1 will go in the mail Dec 22.

Get a signed bookplate to place in a copy of Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion, personalized for you or another reader! This custom bookplate is a great way to have a signed copy if you cannot get one in a store.

The bookplate is large enough for my signature and the name or names of the recipient(s). I'll also include a short message similar to "Hope you love it!"

The bookplate is an adhesive sticker and can be placed on any of the front pages of the book.

Bookplates are available until December 20th to ensure I can get them in the mail by the 22nd. Postage is included in the price. Available to US customers only at this time.

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You'll get...

A Signed Bookplate
For yourself or your favorite reader
Up to three names included
A Short Note
If there's room under the names

Signed, Personalized Bookplate